Old Is Gold But Gold Is Never Old

Precious metals have been saved and cherished since forever and they are considered just as much precious today as they were considered centuries ago. When it comes to gold, women are more eager to wear it than men but we can see that gold is coming in men’s fashion recently. It seems as if all the different nations and tribes that have existed on earth have been obsessed with gold. Even today women are in love with gold jewelry and the

good thing is that they can find almost any jewelry item made from gold e.g. bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, wristwatches etc.

Gold never gets old and the proof of that is it that it never gets rusted. The interesting facts about gold will astonish you and then you will know that not only does it amaze you with its beauty and sparkle but also with the astounding facts associated with it. While it is mostly used for creating those beautiful and glittery jewelry items to make women look even more beautiful, its pliability gives it the ability to be hammered to a structure as thin as thread and it is actually used in many countries as thread – many Holy Scriptures have been written with gold thread.

When looking for jewelry women are often confused in making a choice between gold and platinum. If you are facing the same dilemma here are a few points for you to consider. First, you will need two times more money in your pocket to buy platinum jewelry than you need for buying gold jewelry. Of course, when it comes to weight, platinum is heavier than gold and even more important is that in United States the most commonly found gold jewelrycontains only 14k gold. An advantage of buying platinum jewelry is that you don’t ever have to spend your money on plating.

When buying gold you must always make sure that you buy what you have paid for or about to pay for. Check the stamps that are present on the gold items and you will also find karats mentioned with the stamps, but counterfeiting is another issue you might encounter when buying gold. Always have an experienced person by your side when purchasing gold and make sure to have it checked by another goldsmith to verify that you are paying for the karats mentioned on the stamp. However, you must remember that pure gold, which is 24k, is hard to find and impractical to wear due to its excessive softness.

Women wear gold for several reasons. Some feel confident after putting a glittery gold necklace around their necks. Some consider it as a sign of elegance and sobriety and wear it in parties where they want to look different. Not to mention, it makes women look sexier and hotter and many women love to wear a light weight gold jewelry item on their first date. A lot of times it is said and it hold quite true that gold completes a woman. Whether you wear white gold or prefer the yellow gold jewelry, whether your gold is alloyed or pure, you must remember that old is gold but gold never gets old. 

Website by: Jesse Steigerwalt